Who wants an inferior man?

Call it whatever but the way the Chinese media is portraying the US President-elect Donald Trump, all fingers point to how he is their version of inferior man. This concept of inferior man can be found abound in ancient texts, including The Analects and The Great Learning by Confucius. Now, this is no surprise that Confucius is making his presence known – or say, the CCP is highlighting Confucius – in the present day and time. A contrast from the times of the Cultural Revolution when even his grave was vandalized, let alone his teachings, these days, Confucius is at the fore of representation of China. This is down to a number of reasons including the fact that the Chinese government is less Communist in Mao’s sense and the fact that there are no more Communist countries to court to. Rather, it is the preaching of the sage Confucius that has, well not exactly replaced but still displaced to a certain degree the Red Book et al of Mao.

While not explicitly mentioning him as an inferior man, what can be seen in the articles and op-eds in the state run magazines show how close Trump is to becoming exactly that.

An inferior man, The Great Learning mentions, is deceitful and “enjoys his enjoyment and grabs profit whenever he has a chance”. Well, not exactly the same meaning but pun here has a way of working when the talk is being made of a businessman.

He is accused of not knowing the basics of international relations, of the One China policy when it came to the telephone conversation with Tsai Ing-wen, whom he mentioned as the President of Taiwan but whom China mentions just as the leader of Taiwan.

But the book of The Great Learning goes on to elucidate the importance of regulating one’s family before governing the country. We have not come to that. But is the issue forthcoming? I guess it will sooner or later if the current level of tension continues or even worsens.


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