Trump, the US and the World


I am not taking any sides. Segregation of power may be a hallmark of democracy but what has greeted Trump’s ascension into Presidency looks like the US is facing a tough four years ahead. While Executive Orders may not be new in itself, what the situation has developed is that even his party members oppose the decision. and the rhetoric of “no popular vote” seems like it is going to be associated with him for his whole term.

Like I talked about earlier, this may be democracy in practice but this does validate the case of the despot (which again is what the opposition – and this is not something in lower number) are claiming Trump is turning to be) and his way of ruling where at least things get done.

But then, Trump is not helping the cause either. With his own version of the world and his own sorts of interpretations, the rumblings have started around the world. It is a matter when and not if that trade wars start; the seeds have already been sown, from NAFTA to TPP not to mention the currency manipulation accusation among others against China. This again has repercussion to the US. And in an interconnected world, opting for isolationism (as Trump’s policy puts it) will not make sense to a country so steeped in trade.

Add to it the IS, Putin and Trump’s view of Putin, geopolitics will also be something that will not go away anytime sooner. And while this sounds in contradiction to the isolationist policy, Trump connects the dots by showing how all of this is to protect his country (or our country as his Inauguration Speech had it).


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