The US-EU Relations

Trump went to Europe. He caused a stir among the NATO members, primarily for not contributing their committed amount in their defense budget. And he left. Remaining true to his slogan, he may have put America first, but the cost seems to be high, not only to him, but also to the future of the US-EU relations.

And there was a matter of climate change and the urgency to act towards the deal reached in Paris climate accord of 2015. The stance taken by the US and the members of EU are stark opposite, with the former not ready to commit to the accords.

The relation is historic and is more than one term of US president. But it seems the strains will be hard to repair by the time there is another president in the White House. While the questions of impeachment as well as re-election 4 years on may be discussed, the US cannot rest on the situation getting normal over time. Because, like it or not, current term of Trump has started to cause a rift to appear in their relationship.

But seems like damage has been done. With XI Jinping ready to lead the globalized world, he is also inching China forward in the fight against Climate Change. This has been evident in the way  a deal has been struck between China and EU on the aftermath of Trump’s first foreign visit.


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