Regionalism and its future – I

Regionalism comes in many forms: from geographical proximity to ideological similarity as well as linguistic uniqueness. However, it is the geographical closeness that accounts for the most of the regionalism found in the world, be it African Union (AU), European Union (EU), Organization of American States (OAS), Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) or SAARC. Even… Continue reading Regionalism and its future – I

Candidates of French and the US presidential race, a comparison

24 April 2017 Looks like politics is not something that requires experience after all. Or at least one does not necessarily have to hold elected office for winning votes and getting elected. Look at Trump. And next up: Emmanuel Macron, the Presidential candidate of the current French election. Not a bad proposition. Both are not… Continue reading Candidates of French and the US presidential race, a comparison

Democracy and Transition to Power

Last month saw two countries change their leader: the United States of America and the Gambia (which is second country beside the Bahamas to have ‘the’ before it). While there may be some discomfort when power changes hand, especially with opposition succeeding the incumbent, the difference could not have been more starker when comparing the… Continue reading Democracy and Transition to Power